Mastering digital change together

I love guiding both people and companies on their path to healthy growth. I help them increase their entrepreneurial scope, build bridges and facilitate highly efficient team collaboration.

“Right now, digitalisation is currently driving us into an environment we perceive as either fairly new or entirely foreign. Good positioning is vital. Focussing on growth breeds misleading thoughts like “more of the same” and has us misaiming for bigger things, when what we need to do, first and foremost, is strive to think differently.” Prof. Dr Gunter Dueck

Healthy growth for leaders

… and humans looking to advance digital collaboration.

Cultural Change & Digital Transformation

Healthy organisational development

Cultural Change & Digital Transformation

My topics for healthy organisational development:

Working in an ailing company culture? Facing growing pains on your path to digital transformation?

  • Promoting digital transformation
  • Systemic C-Level consulting 
  • Guiding cultural change
  • Building communities
  • Meaningful entrepreneurship
  • Advancing agile working methods
  • Digital facilitation & co-creative facilitation

Digital Collaboration & highly effective teams

Agile team building

Does your team strike out?
You’re lacking trust, collaboration, creativity and participation?

My topics for collaborative team leads:

  • Workshop design
  • Agile team building
  • Inner-team conflicts
  • Self-organisation & Trust Teams
  • Digital collaboration (Kanban)
  • Coherence through embodied communication
  • Highly effective virtual teams

Personal Transformation & Growth

Enjoyable personal development

Are you struggling with your purpose in life and looking for an empathetic coach to help you find momentum?

My coaching topics for individuals:

  • Find your purpose in life with ikigai
  • Step out of your comfort zone
  • Feel more fulfilled by training your sensual enjoyment and pleasure
  • Release emotional blockades with PEP
  • Design a portrait of who you are with Lumina Spark

Not sure which coaching or consulting service best suits your needs?

Together we’ll find the programme that is just right for you – I’m sure of it.

Following the call to work with agile methodologies made Nadja a raw agility model with a great passion for a real purpose. She dares to scrutinise the Status Quo and doesn’t shy away from asking the right and sometimes inconvenient questions. Nadja uncovers the actual root causes of problems. She champions user-centric approaches and persuades the squad goals every development team should have in mind: User satisfaction and economic success.

Nadja is exceptionally witty and highly skilled. She’s an inexhaustible source of ideas and, more than anything, Nadja knows how to translate those ideas into action! If you ever get the chance to work with Nadja: Do it! Thank you ever so much for this fabulous coaching, dear Nadja!

Clarity and competence through powerful questions. Nadja Obenaus guided me in my personal growth and has lifted me to a whole new level. Thanks to her powerful and dynamic ways, her profound analytical clarity and her ever appreciative inspirations, I was able to see and understand myself and my journey, restrictions and beliefs for the first time. This has yielded a whole new set of wonderful possibilities for me. Working with Nadja Obenaus is fun, meaningful and long-lasting and, above all, heart-opening.

Ready to sound out your Personal Growth Opportunities?

It’s my heart’s wish to guide teams and leaders alike towards feeling, thinking and operating resource-focused. My low-threshold programmes and simple designs facilitate highly effective collaborations. That’s what healthy growth means to me.

Start here and book your free d-Coaching consultation hour with me. Together, we’ll analyse your current situation and identify your growth journey.

Why we should work together

The kind of skill set to handle the speed and increasing complexity of our times are changing fast.

In my work as d-Coach, I combine two elements that today are more important than ever: a systemic perspective and an agile IT background. I also bring to the table a healthy dose of empathy, a dash of outside the box thinking and a pinch of humour.

“You can’t take digital facilitation and humour too seriously.”

It’s the winning combination for any learning team and company looking to grow soundly towards digital transformation.

Work and grow together