• Clear, focussed ...

  • ... and always on the move

I want to explore, learn, savour, feel, debate, listen, moderate, meditate, connect, experience growth and pass on the spark.

Moin. That’s Hamburgian for “Hello.” I’m Nadja.

I’m an Austrian native, and Hamburg has been my home for more than ten years now. If I had to describe myself in one sentence, I’d say I’m a free spirit right to my very fingertips.

I founded my business because of an inner revelation that we need a new set of skills to deal and cope with everyday life’s speed and increasing complexity. And also because I love working together with people to solve problems.

I coach those looking for a common ground. That is to say, my clients want to restore that inner feeling of coherence they’ve lost along their way.

With my work, I strive to contribute to your soulfulness, to help you spark enthusiasm for learning and to light the ways, even and especially the unconventional and individual ones, to a fulfilled and healthy life.

My story

For years, I’ve been fervently advocating a healthy lifestyle. The reason for that is the story of my own body: it has taught me that mind and body are one.

That’s why I’ve been a keen triathlete for many years, make time to cook and bake every day (preferably apple strudel just like my grandmother used to make it) and strive to learn something new every day.

Today, my empathetic and refreshing nature is a fan favourite with my clients. But I’ve faced my own set of physical transformations on my journey here.

My purpose in life

Finding my Ikigai, my purpose and living my life accordingly has been the catalyst behind my personal growth.

My Ikigai is building sound relations on all levels of human interaction – in international teams and on a smaller scale with individual clients. I provide appreciative impetus and ask unexpected questions. As a coach, I get to join hands, expand senses, build bridges and broaden horizons.

I champion what’s already there, always working resource-based and engaging empathetically with the people around me.

My 3 favourite hashtags:
#bettertogether #gamechanger #empathyfirst

My philosophy

My favourite metaphor is that of the muscle, not just because I’m a very active and dynamic person myself. Just think, every muscle consists of an agonist and an antagonist. Their connection and collaboration make interaction possible.

What’s more, they’re the picture of codependence: one cannot work without the other. Theirs is a partnership of equals, and together, they can achieve excellence. The same is true for our brains.

Our brains and muscles have two things in common: solid connections and plasticity, the basis of all learning.


My vision

With all my heart, I wish for coaching to become more democratised.
Today, too many people are struggling with the how and why. The benefits of coaching are still totally underrated.

I’d love to see coaching implemented as a workplace health promotion and burnout prevention that everybody is entitled to. I’d like it to be covered by health insurance, just like general practice-based health care.

I’ve personally been enlightened through coaching. Now a coach myself, I’m excited to hold space for every single one of my clients.



Feel free to download my profile or my CV. It’s here for you to peruse, share or revisit at your convenience.


Self-employed systemic coach & IT consultant

since 2015
Organisations, teams & individuals

Agile Coach & Scrum Master

2020 Wiener Linien, Vienna

2016 – 2019 Thyssen Krupp, Essen; BMW Mini Oxford; Bauer Verlag, Hamburg

IT process consultant

2004 – 2014
at Siemens
Vienna – Graz – Brasov – Toronto – Hamburg



Project expertise

My topics

  • Managing change and complexity
  • Co-creativity
  • Digital collaboration
  • Agile organisation development
  • New leadership / Empathetic management
  • Healthy growth


  • (Public) Transport / ÖPNV
  • IT and software solutions
  • Automotive
  • Energy
  • Logistics
  • Media


  • Consultant
  • Coach
  • Trainer
  • Scrum Master
  • Agile Coach
  • Project manager